Jumbler is a site for enthusiasts of classical and vintage motorcycles, cars, boats, horticultural machinery and home engineering.

Most Jumblers enjoy many a day at the jumble seeking those elusive bits and bobs. The aim of this site is to bring more people together in this popular past time.

As individuals, clubs, groups, traders and organisers Jumbler is a place to advertise old and new.

Do I have to log in or create an account

You can browse the site and respond to classifieds without an account. However, you will need to create an account if you want to post classifieds. But don't worry, registration is easy. We don't collect any unecessary information or pass your details to any third parties.

How do I post a classified?

On any page listing classifieds you will see a "Post Classified" link at the top. This will take you to a form where you can fill in the details of your classified.

How do I find my classifieds later?

You can view a list of your currently active and recently expired classifieds from your user profile. You can get to your user profile when logged in by clicking your username at the top of the page.

Can I edit my classified after I post it?

No, we do not allow classifieds to be edited after you have posted them. This helps to ensure that users make the effort to include all relevant information when they post a classified. However, if you do make a mistake or need to add additional information or pictures then you are free to relist your classified at any time. This is similar to editing a classified but it will appear on the site as a new classified with a new date. If anyone tries to view your old classified (e.g. from a bookmark or a link in an email) they will be automatically redirectly to the new classified.

What happens when my classified expires?

Your classified will expire after 28 days. When your classified expires it will no longer be listed on the site but as the author you will be able to see the classified from your profile. From here you have the option to relist the classified.

What if I want to remove my classified?

You can end a classified at any time from your user profile. When you end a classified we ask you to provide a reason. The possible reasons are:

The classified will still appear in public listings but will be clearly marked as sold. The classified will expire as normal.
No Longer Available
The classified will not appear in public listings. If the classified is directly accessed before the expiration date (e.g. from a bookmark or a link in an email) then the classified will still be viewable but will be marked as no longer available.
The classified will no longer be listed or accessible in any way to other users. You will be able to see the classified in your own profile for a limited time should you later wish to relist it.

I have more questions...

We'll be happy to answer any of your questions. Please send us an email: info@jumbler.co.uk.